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Williston, North Dakota.... Why?!

Just after my long 2-month trip abroad, as well as my trip to Colorado, I found myself in the same cycle as I got back to my home in Houston. Home for just the weekend again in which my time consists of dumping all my shit out of my bag, loading laundry machine, re-packing my bags, and off I go again to the airport. This time I will be gone for 1 month… to Williston, North Dakota… Heave on earth…. NOT. WHY AM I IN THE SHITTIEST PLACE IN THE WHOLE WORLD?! With my line of work, I believe having field experience is the most important aspect of being able to effectively find solutions to problems and know exactly what goes on in the operational level so I knew that this trip was coming. I have heard so many horror stories about this place. Rapings, no safe place to sleep at night, ridiculous prices for mundane things, terrible selection of food, and a ton of fat, trailer trash people. Pleasantly surprised, none of these are true, except for the shit ton of fat trailer trash people. I was completely safe, I stayed at the Hampton Inn (very nice and clean with free beer and food after 5PM), Walmart had decent prices, and there were many places to eat including Buffalo Wild Wings and Sushi. But I was literally the only female that was less than 200 lbs.

I also had a very good friend Kyle from Mississippi training that resided in Williston, so we hung out a lot. We tried the new sushi place.  Sushi in Williston just screams diarrhea to me. North Dakota is the most land locked state in all of the US. Hesitant, we went in and tried it. It actually pretty tasty… but both Kyle and I paid for it later… My initial assumption was correct.

Everyone thinks when I travel, I go to glamorous cities and barely work. This is not true. Throughout my time in Williston, I worked mainly on the oil rig sleeping in my dirty ass second hand (more like third or fourth hand) truck, not showering for 3-4 days, and getting down and dirty on the rig floor with grease under my nails and all over my face, sweating my ass off carrying heavy shit. I am also observing and learning, constantly asking questions. Although the oil field is not a very pretty place for a woman, it definitely can be a place for a girl if you have the right mentality for it. It is extremely fascinating at how much you can learn out on the field and the people you can meet. You really obtain a different perspective on your work as well as in your life talking to all the different people and personalities.

I am sure all my friends know that although I do work hard, I also like to play hard. I was able to spend some quality time with him basically getting fat and drinking a lot. Everyone told me that when you come to Williston, you become an alcoholic…. That is a true statement haha. Basically everything you could possibly do in Williston, you add “drunk” to the beginning of it. “Drunk” country club, “drunk” fishing, “drunk” monster truck showing, “drunk” hiking, “drunk” people watching at the most trashiest club in the world, “drunk” pigging out, etc. That is what Kyle and I did in Williston and we had a grand time! Haha

Drunk cowboy bar, Kyle and I met up Joe, a new friend of mine! Drunk fishing, I caught a stick and Kyle caught some seaweed? Haha Yay us! Drunk monster truck showing, we people watched the most fattest, trailer trashiest, mullet headed, tatooted of their kids faces and dogs, clothes too tightest, five pony tails in one, weirdest, yet most interesting people I have ever seen while screaming when shit caught on fire and trucks exploded into a million pieces when landing a jump. Drunk hiking was actually really nice! We went to Roosevelt park where we tried to find a water buffalo. Who knew some place so beautiful existed in this shit hole? We hiked down some to see the different rock formations and try to catch a buffalo. Kyle, who is famous for jeans and flip flops no matter where he goes, was of course, wearing flip flops as well hiking down. It really was a beautiful day to be on a hike and take photos! Drunk people watching at DK's Lounge, was entertaining to say the least. Round up all the people from the Williston Monster Car Show, add a few drinks, and put them all on a little square dance floor with cheesey rainbow lights. There is NO SHAME on that dance floor. Clothes coming off, some nasty dirty grinding between obese people, random fucking Asian man dancing the night away with no care in the world… A night out in Williston is really a night to remember. Drunk pigging out was probably my favorite thing to do in Williston, where we would cook a disgustingly huge amount of food, eat a whole container of hummus with a huge bag of Sara’s Pita chips, and drink two bottles of wine and a pack of beer… EVERYDAY. I really have no idea what came over us, but I had a really fun time here with Kyle.

The first cold front was coming into Williston and I was so glad to be leaving the day of the storm. My small little body cannot fight the freezing -40 degrees Fahrenheit weather nor did I have the clothes to protect me. The flight was early morning, and I was just so excited to get the hell out of there before the storm and to see my roommates. I get to the airport and oh look, the airplane is just about to take off. WTF. I misread my flight departure time and made it to the airport just as the airplane was taking off. I MISSED THE FUCKING FLIGHT. OMFG. Out of the hundreds of flights I have taken throughout the past two years, I have never missed a flight and I have to miss this one?! Williston just loves me so much; it doesn’t want me to leave. I thought the traveling God’s were with me again this time because the airplane had to come back on the runway, but because this airport is so small, TSA closes right after everyone boards. WTF. So the only thing between me and getting onto my flight back to Houston was this little chain gate... Damn you TSA… Damn you. Since there were no more flights available out of Williston, I had to book a rental car and drive to Minot, North Dakota and take the first flight out of there. Thank God! It is a lot more trouble, but at least I am getting the hell out of Williston! I successfully made it out and back to Houston :).

Although I thought I was coming to the shittiest place in the world, the time spent with Kyle, learning out on the field, meeting some really amazing people was quite an experience for me. Williston really isn’t too bad in my book. I am not sure if I can say that I would go visit again, but if I had to choose between Duncan, Oklahoma (where I celebrated my 22nd birthday) and Williston, North Dakota, I think Williston would be the winner (but not during the winter).

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