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Devastating Floods in Denver, Colorado

After my two month long trip, I dumped my shit out of my bag, straight into laundry, re-packed my bags, and two days later I was off again… this time domestically! I was told last minute to get myself to Denver, CO for a training course in Brighton (a city 40 minutes outside of Denver). I have never had the time to explore Denver thoroughly so I was a bit excited to come tour downtown, visit all the microbreweries, enjoy the beautiful mountainous backdrop… but during my week here, biblical rains stormed out my parade (literally). Luckily, I was surrounded by tons of old and new friends from all over in this training course and also had my brother in town!

Because of the rains, it was hard to drive into and out of Denver downtown. Literally high ways submerged in at least 3 feet of water! So the majority of my time in Colorado was spent in Brighton at random Mexican restaurants and bars around downtown Brighton. It’s a cute quaint little city, with a very homey down town area that reminds me a lot of McKinney Historic Downtown Square.  It was nice to catch up with my teammates Thomas and Cody as well as my friend from Mississippi training, Josh. I even got to know my new friend from Dallas, Max, a lot better during this weeklong course!

One of the nights we troopered into downtown to meet up my brother, his girlfriend Crystal, and Alex/Stephanie, my two friends from Houston, at the Lobby Bar. They had really great food and great drinks! It really reminded me of bar straight out of Austin with a little more class. Brick walls, classy drinks, and even a man with a fancy mustache! The night was full of laughs and smiles catching up with everyone.

On our last day of training, class was canceled since there was more rain hitting the area. Funny thing was that just a couple of hours later the sun came out and the weather was just simply beautiful! I met up my brother downtown Denver at a small brewery to catch up on life one-on-one until my flight. My flight out was probably the most stressful traveling times of my life. All roads to the airport were closed, there were massive amounts of traffic, and I was extremely late for my flight. There was no way I was going to make my flight. Although the weather God’s were not with me this whole week, the travel Gods were! All flights were delayed and if you missed your flight, you could get a seat on the next one without any fees or repercussions.  So I was able to fill up my tank, return my rental, get the shuttle, and have a couple of minutes to catch my breath before getting onto my flight! Success! Although I wasn’t able to explore Denver like I initially wanted, I still had a really enjoyable time. I am a very strong believer that happiness is not found in the environment, but from the people around you. Being able to catch up with old friends and be able to spend more quality time with new ones really made Brighton for me. J But with that said, I will be planning a short trip to Denver whenever I can.

Williston, North Dakota.... Why?!

Last Night in Africa - Casablanca, Morocco

Last Night in Africa - Casablanca, Morocco