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Den Haag Pt 2, The Netherlands with Friends Old & New!

Straight from GIG Rio de Janiero, I barely made it to my KLM flight to AMS Amsterdam. From there, taking the train from Amsterdam Schipol for about 25-30 minutes, I find myself back in Den Haag again! The second time this year to Den Haag for another training course for work. This time, I had a friend I knew in this course coming from Norway, my dear friend Geir that I spent my crazy birthday week together in Emmen two months ago! As soon as I checked into my hotel at the Hampshire Babylon Hotel, I tried to freshen up with a shower and get some clean set of clothes on (I hate travel clothes! I think they get disgusting in the plane with all the germs recirculating in the air!). But I could not figure out how the hell to turn on the damn shower!! This hotel was so fancy! It's right in the middle of the "financial district" of Den Haag where all the skyscrapers and office buildings are located a 10 minute walk from the old city center. Babylon Hotel is decorated completely modern... a HUGE different to the Hampshire Hotel we stayed in Emmen, The Netherlands... haha. There is also a great park across the road from the Babylon where people walk, exercise, eat lunch and there is a deer zoo... yes, a deer zoo! I was running in the park one morning when I felt some one staring... I look over and there are tons of deer just staring straight into my soul. I felt a little uncomfortable with so many sets of eyes staring... But I guess it is very nice to have some wildlife in the park! I love the parks in Europe!

I met up Geir for some lunch and somehow ran into a new friend named Amanda who was also in Holland for the course. Naturally I invited her to come along! While eating, Amanda saw one of her friends who was also here for the same course walking along the street so he joined us as well. Yay! New Friends! Since I came here two months before, I knew exactly where to take these guys. We had some fun (maybe a bit too much fun) taking jumping pictures in front of the cathedral. It was such a beautiful day out, no way you could not spend it outdoors! The art bicycle installation was still up from two months ago so we walked through and took weird photos along the way. I could finally take a picture with the giant farting butt without feeling like an immature kid because now I had friends to take the picture for me! hehe.

My good friend Baidy was attending the course as well but did not tell me until I got there just to piss me off... He did piss me off though! Hahah But I was really glad to see him. It really has been a while! I forgot how huge he was compared to me.. he's like a freaking giant. So I started off this training course knowing a handful of good friends :) Great way to learn and study!

This time around in Den Haag, there was not much time to explore the city since this training course was quite challenging and many assignments were given out throughout the week. But dinner was always organized to eat as a group! I got to enjoy Argentinian steak, Indonesian/Dutch rijstalfel(?), traditional Dutch, sushi, Mexican, and ice cream with great company! It still amazes me how diverse Holland (The Netherlands) is when it comes to people and food! You can seriously find everything you want to eat in Holland, even if it is to get my kimchee fix.

Due to the never ending rain after 5PM the last time I was in Den Haag, I could not go to Scheveningen, which is the beach town along the northern part of The Netherlands. It only takes about 15 minute tram ride from the city center to the boardwalk. I heard from a work colleague that there was an energetic boardwalk with plenty of beach bars and a great beach, so I really planned to go this time. On our last day in Den Haag, I kept bothering Baidy and Geir to go, but no one listened to me so I just pouted and said "FINE JERKS..." but guess what... we ended up going and they both loved it. Like Baidy says I always get what I want :) hehehehe. Perks of being a girl in a male dominated industry ;)

It was a beautiful day up until we went to the beach... It got overcast when we got there, but I really enjoyed the scenery and the aura of this little beach town. Who knew there were good beaches in The Netherlands?! If I ever visit Den Haag again, I plan to spend some quality time tanning and enjoying the Schaginhaven beach!

From Den Haag, Baidy, Geir, and I took the 30 minute train back from Den Haag Centre to Amsterdam Schipol Airport and all took our separate flights to Stavanger, Norway. My next leg of my long trip! Baidy had already a night planned out for us in Stavanager so excited for that! :)

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