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Weekends in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Weekends in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Having to be in Holland for two weeks of training courses, I decided to spend my three weekends in Amsterdam! The first weekend I spent in Amsterdam was with Mazen biking through the pandemonium of all the bikers, cars, trolleys, busses, etc while having a local eating adventure! My second weekend, I got to spend it with my very good friend Bert! Since it was my birthday weekend, he was so nice to stay and celebrate with me... again! haha The more I travel, the more I realize that it's not really where I am, but the people that I am with that makes any place great. Whenever I travel, I just like hanging out! Especially when I have already been through the crowded, overpriced, touristy places; it's really just nice to sit down with a good friend and chill! Bert and I spent the weekend just like that! Hanging out and chilling, just like how we did in Mississippi :).

There were a couple of things I have not done yet in Amsterdam like the Heineken Brewery, take a canal tour, and experience real night life in Amsterdam (outside of the Red Light District). So that is exactly what we did!

We spent our first night dancing extremely strange to anti-climatic house music at Melkweg, a huge EDM club in Amsterdam... It was soooo awkward at first because I am sure everyone there was on drugs and they were FEELING THE BEATTT YUHHH uuhhhh!!!!! There were trippy neon glowing mushrooms and flowers hanging from the ceiling with a constant fog lingering in the room... I felt like I was in some sort of an acid trip, like this wasn't real life... But with an open mind (and a couple of drinks), both Bert and I started to just get into it, dancing in our own bubbles! hahahah it was so funny.

We spent the next day lazily taking our time. We had a Kiwi Breakfast :) and spent the rest of the day going to the museum and on the canal boat tour.

The Heineken Museum was filled with all sorts of lights and flashy movies, demonstrations, and all sorts of random shit! You first walk into the grains area, and then to the brewing pots, and then to the actual beer tasting! The museum was really set up well in that it takes you on a "journey" from beginning to end through the brewing process. It was cool and all, but I think Bert and I were focused more on getting to the end sooner than later to get the beer !! haha

After the museum, we hopped onto the canal boat tour (the stop is right across from the museum) to start our journey around Amsterdam by boat, the easiest way to get around! The boat ride was nice with scenery and beautiful Dutch architecture lining the canals... but it was just a little bit too slow for my taste (and it was really long! Like 3 hours!). We are given headphones to plug into our seats to listen to the recorded tour guide. There is seriously like 10 languages available for this automatic tour guide voice. It was uncomfortably warm in there and with a full stomach filled with food and beer, I fell into a food coma on the canal boat! haha great time for a nap!

I don't know why this always happens, but I always end up eating Asian food in Holland! Last few times I was in Amsterdam, while in college, all I remember eating was Asian Food! This time was no different! We went to a Chinese restaurant that was good... for Amsterdam, anyway! haha It wasn't quite as authentic, but it definitely satisfied my craving!

We spent our last night in Amsterdam walking around the Red Light District and stopping at a pub. I wasn't as curious of the prostitutes as I was when I was in college... it was really lackluster after walking through the area so many times. So instead, we stopped for falafel (mainly for me, since I've been craving it since the weekend before!) I was one happy, and one very full little Chinese! I could not have been any happier eating my delicious falafel, walking around a brisk evening in Amsterdam! Bert was sweet enough to just guide me back to the hotel so I can focus my whole mind, soul, and body in the falefel and become completely engulfed by it.. what is it about this felafel?!  WHY IS IT SO DAMN GOOD?

It was definitely a great birthday weekend (and week!)... spent with Bert and people who really care about me! The past few days have been filled with many celebrations for my (sadly) 24th birthday. I am no longer 23!!! Being 24 seems so close to 25.. it's almost so close I can taste it... which scares me! Luckily I am an Asian woman, so I will always look young ...until I turn 60 and then BAM I look ancient. Well that's 34 more years to go for that!

For my last weekend in Amsterdam, I spent one amazingly fun night with my new friend Jerel :). We had a really scrumptious dinner at a Thai restaurant right in the heart of the China Town area. We were seated at a cute little corner facing the street and canal. Afterwards, we walked around the Red Light District, stopping by a cheese store to sample out all the different Dutch cheeses (OMG EVERY CHEESE WAS SO GOOTTTT), checking out the novelty gift stores, and just window shopping on the way to the bar. We spent our night at the Sky Lounge Bar at Hotel Amsterdam NL (right by the Central Noord Station) that has a 360 panoramic view of the city. It was more upscale and trendy with exotic fruit drinks, but I loved it! I asked to get our drinks out of a skull head, jokingly... and they did it! I was totally kidding, but I got what I wanted :) hehe ( I always get what I want!!.. just kidding!). We danced, laughed, ate, and drank until we got stoopit! It was really a great way to end this 2.5 week long trip in The Netherlands! I can truly say that I have made a lifelong friend :)!

There were a lot of good memories especially through the people I was able to see again and the people I met throughout this trip! It's sad to separate from my old and new friends, but I know it's not a "Goodbye," but a "See you later!" Thanks Holland for a great birthday trip and thank you work for paying for the trip ;)!  I love my job!

Den Haag (The Hague), The Netherlands

Den Haag (The Hague), The Netherlands

Birthday Shenanigans in Emmen, The Netherlands

Birthday Shenanigans in Emmen, The Netherlands