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Beach Bummin' at Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janiero!

As our last full day in Rio, Hanhwa and I tried to think of what we haven't done yet… We literally saw everything we hoped to see in Rio, but the only thing we did not get to do on our “list of Rio things to do” was to beach bum actually in our swimsuits on a beautiful day… and boy was it a BOOTIFUL day today! The skies were clear and blue, the sun was shinning… Everyone was out ! The streets were bustling with people exercising, walking their pets, the beaches were crowded with music, sand volleyball, families lounging around. Today was absolutely perfect for beach bummin’! We had a quick lunch at Balada Mix in Leblon, an eclectic beach themed health restaurant. We enjoyed our meals with fresh squeezed fruit juice and then we headed out to Ipanema Beach and situated our umbrella’s and chairs in a nice cozy spot (away from all the skinny bitches, so that we wouldn’t look fat hehe) and relaxed the whole day. We sipped on Skols and fresh coconuts all day on the beach while laying out tanning, people watching (I was checking out all the lady’s butts and sexy speedo men with my creeper sunglasses on), and baking in the sun.

The beach today looked amazing since there was not a single cloud in the sky and the water was just GLOWING turquoise. The mountains in the background made the landscape just incredible… No matter how many times I see the landscape in Rio, it still shocks me at how beautiful the city of Rio is.

We stayed until sunset reminiscing on our amazing trip to Brazil and soaking up the beautiful scenery one last time before we had to head out. We grabbed a quick dinner of spicy fried chicken parts (DELICIOUS), meat with rice and fries, and two Devassa’s… We hurriedly grabbed our things from Zbra Hostel, took a taxi to the airport (about a 45min – 1 hr drive without traffic), and off we went back to the US.

Today was a great way to end our trip. With all the craziness Rio has to offer, there is always the beach filled with friendly, beautiful people and amazing panorama wherever you turn. The food was heavy, but delectable and not to mention very inexpensive.

Before I came to Brazil, everyone who I have spoken to about Brazil spoke with excitement and awe, even almost jealousy because they were not going to this beautiful country like I was. In the news, you hear about the violence, drugs, kidnappings, and every other terrible thing, but I came hoping that the people I have personally spoke to about Brazil was right. I wanted to feel that excitement and jealousy as well! So with an open mind, I came to Brazil hoping for something better than what the news has to tell.

After experiencing this country, I now understand everyone I have spoken to. I understand the love for this country’s colorful people, culture, and environment. The blues and greens of the beach waters, the tiles along the side walk, the different pastel colored homes of Santa Teresa, the radiant colors of the sunset on top of Sugarloaf Mountain, the laughter and kindness of the people, the changing movements of Brazilian funk and samba, the vibrant night life and street parties in Lapa District… There is simply just so much to love about this country, and I truly have been struck hard! I know I will be returning again to Brazil, and not just for Carnaval, but many many more times later. But for now, I will be one of those people who speak of Brazil with such excitement yet jealous of all those who go... I will be back Brazil... I'll be back... *insert Terminator voice here* muhaha.

Also, For the record, not a second did I feel as if I was in danger. Don't be fooled by the media and how it portrays this amazing city. If you do, then you will miss out on a lifetime of adventures and awesome people. Honestly, if you act stupid and unaware of your surroundings, you will be in danger no matter where you are. Be aware of your surroundings, and you will be fine!

Moving to Houston, Texas

Moving to Houston, Texas

Goodbye Ilha Grande, Hello Copacabana, Arpoador, and Lapa!