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Speed Boating around Ilha Grande, Brazil

Today was a full day speedboating around the whole island and snorkeling in Lagoa Azul, Lagoa Verde, Saco do Céu, Praia Japariz, Praia Feiticeira, and so many more places! This excursion was a bit more pricey from yesterday's (approximately 80 Reals, or 40 US), but still very affordable! Lagoa Azul and Lagoa Verde (literal translation as Blue Lagoon and Green Lagoon) are two little swimming areas entrapped between two islands. There are clear blue and green waters (hence the names) filled with black and yellow fish, bright orange starfish, sea turtles, and all the marine life you can imagine. Both were amazing to snorkel in and in my opinion, definitely were the highlight of our excursion.

We made stops in other places, but the rest of the day was just perfect because I was on a speed boat with islands along the horizon as my background, hair flying in the wind, beautiful weather, and an ice cold Antarctica in my hand. We had other pit stops at helicopter ruins, where you snorkel and see a crashed helicopter under water, a stop at Saco do Céu (Love Beach) where we saw some crazy long pointy fish, and had lunch at Praia Japariz. This pit stop was a great way to relax a bit after a full day of snorkeling. There was a family owned restaurant decorated with colorful fruit table cloths, wooden picnic tables, and red plastic lawn chairs. Quite an eclectic island mix, but the food and view was great! Right next to Praia Japariz, where I  hear the tide and feel the sea breeze through my hair while I enjoy my seafood platter, rice, and beans with an ice cold Skol on the side.

Our next stop was Praia Feiticeira, where all these little schooner (taxi) boats stopped for the end of their excursions as well. Apparently with a small hike, there is a waterfall where you can rock climb, but we were just too exhausted to move from the beach. Instead, we enjoyed the sunset on the beach and relaxed, reflecting on the amazing and exhausting day we just had snorkeling in the waters of Ilha Grande. Hanhwa and I laughed a lot about how fragile we are as Americans... at one of the stops, we walked through the forest for less than 5 minutes to get a good view for our photos, but our feet just got completely destroyed and cut up... we are such spoiled Americans!

Our boat sped past the waters racing the sun back to Via Abraão. As the sun set, so did our eyes... we were exhausted from this jam packed day! We took a nap and ended up waking up around normal dinner Brazilian time (8-9PM). Thursday nights are famous for the live music at the square, so we decided to have a couple of pre-dinner caipirinhas on the beach (we always do romantic things..... why?! FOREVER ALONE), head over to the bars along the square, have a plate of fries and seafood pasta, and enjoy the live band playing on the streets. I was pleasantly surprised at how lively and crowded it was.

Another great and memorable day on Ilha Grande!

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