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See You Soon, Friends!

Wow did time fly by fast in Dallas… I have been so extremely busy the past week and a half in Dallas that I haven’t even really been able to see my own family or Bruce L ! I have gone home twice since I got back and spent one night at home… I never even get on my computer (a.k.a. not blogging, no Facebook, not email, etc.) anymore since I am gone all the time. The past week and a half has been one of the most fun yet most exhausting weeks I have had in a while. We would have class from 8-5, having free food/beer at the hotel from 5-7, eating and going out (all over Addison, cowboy bars, uptown, etc) everyday after work… I would sleep on an average of 3-5 hours a night… some nights only 1-2 hours, but it has been really fun! I really wanted to spend as much time as I could with all my co-workers before we all go fly out back to our locations some place on all opposite sides of the world. I really hope I showed everyone a good time in Dallas! Today, everyone left back to their countries… It was such a strange feeling because I thought I would see our group later on that night to hang out… but I didn’t…. Imagine seeing the same people everyday for three months, and then all of a sudden, POOF!, they’re gone… It is almost a feeling of emptiness… I had to text everyone so that I had at least SOME sort of communication with them. It was very sad to see everyone go off and leave this training, but a happy event to see everyone go back and keep excelling and developing in their careers. I am sad, yet very happy to know that I will always have a friend in all these different countries. Now, I have a full three days to spend with my family and friends, while getting ready to go to Paris and Stavanger!

While trying to maximize my time with my coworkers, I have been trying to fit in my Dallas friends as well since I have not seen anyone in over 3 months!! So much has changed since I left… But I know that no matter how long time flies, I still have amazing and supportive friends back at home. I love how my friends are so understanding and that no matter how long I have been gone, it is like I never left. God really has blessed me with such great company! J I honestly don’t know what I would do without my friends and family.

Whether friends new or old, I know that for sure I will see everyone again… so instead of a goodbye, it is more of a see you later! Next week I am heading off the Paris and seeing Baidy and Bertrand and the following weekend, I will be seeing Jeanette, Petter, and Camilla again in Norway! So for sure sometime, I know I will see everyone!

I really don’t know how many times I can say this, but I am so extremely thankful that God has given me this opportunity… I absolutely love what I do now and I cannot wait to see what I will do with my new Team in Houston! More new friends! Yay! But now, it is time to unpack, pack, clean, hang out with family/friends/Bruce… So busy busy… There is never enough time in the day!
Bounjour and Au revoir, Paris! Until next year!

Bounjour and Au revoir, Paris! Until next year!

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