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Causing Havoc in Mississippi

Causing Havoc in Mississippi

Sorry I have not been updating my blog for a couple of weeks... I have been so busy and exhausted from work training. My day starts off at 5:30AM, leave at 6AM, get to the rig at 7AM, work until 5PM, get back to the apartments at 6PM, work out at the gym until 7-7:30PM, dinner, shower, sleep. Repeat. It has been extremely hectic, tiring, and exhausting, but I am so grateful I am here. I am learning so much about this industry, getting some really awesome hands on experience, and making some life long international and local friends that accept my weirdness (or... so I hope...)! It has been a crazy two weeks here so far, but I truly am having a blast!!! I love taking a big gulp of the Mississippi country air and the delicious southern food... yumm...

As per mentioned in previous posts, as a group went out for the first time two Friday's ago. We all went out to BWW Friday night for "tryouts." Tryouts, as Cody explains, is imperative to our safety. It is to see how crazy everyone is when there are drinks involved, just in case, so no one will get shot at one of the bigger cowboy bars out here because they were acting a fool. So my group and the other class' group met up at BWW to eat and drink..... it was a really good time.... too many drinks were handed out that night and never enough ugly face photos were taken. It was really fun getting to know the other students in the class and just being able to relax after a long week! It was a pretty crazy night... Cody even busted out the taser that he purchased from the little mom&pop restaurant in Shubuta. We were tasering everything in sight (i.e. cans, cards, table, etc.)... pretty amusing haha.

The next night, we decided that everyone had passed the "tryouts," so we headed out to Hattiesburg (the big college town 20-30 minutes away) to eat at a steak place and out to this cowboy bar called Ropers... This... also was a very fun time! It was.... exactly what I imagined... Cowboys hats, boots, animal heads, taxidermy galore (they even had an evil attacking squirrel on the wall!!!), country music, karaoke, and basically every cliche cowboy thing you can think of. It was quite an experience, but I had a really great time. What I really love about Ropers is that there is FREE FOOD!! WHATTTTTTT?!?!?! Free pizza, little sausage in blankets, popcorn, and other finger foods. Amazing! Perfect for night munchies!!

Also, this past weekend, we decided to go to Ropers again on Friday but with the other group as well. We all met up there... boy, did we do some damage... It was 2 for 1.... so either people were continually buying and sharing, or holding two and drinking both of them. There was a lot of dancing involved that night... good or bad dancing, either way it was really fun! One of the guys ended up throwing up out the window while we were on the highway, so there was vomit basically projectiled across the whole side of the Company van hahaha.

Even though I have been very busy, I still always make time to go out to eat and hang out. It's really a close knit group we have here. One night we went out to eat sushi because I was craving it like a pregnant woman. I was a bit hesitant to be eating sushi in Laurel, Mississippi especially with vomit on the concrete in the parking lot in front... but it was surprising better than I expected and suppressed my craving! Some of the guys with us has never tried sushi or sake before! So what better way to experience sushi than pairing it with some sake?!

Another gathering we had was last night. We had a celebratory party for Ashok's son! His wife in India gave birth to their first son yesterday, so he cooked us traditional Indian food (curry mutton, prawns, and chicken) and we all chipped in by bringing a bottle of something... The food was SO delicious... I take back the "never again" to Indian food, because home cooked is totally different! And... I didn't get sick! YES! We literally drank every bottle that we all brought... it was a fun Tuesday night! haha Last night was a great celebration of Ashok's son! Everyone was exhausted and tired from last night.. but it was definitely worth it!

It's awesome that our group is getting along so well. It has really been an amazing time so far getting to know everyone, learning from everyone, and being able to experience things together as a group. I have realized that no matter where you are from, we are all people and that is what connects us. Even though a lot of the guys here are from other parts of the world, grew up in different cultures, speak different languages, we are still able to connect and get along.

I honestly am so thankful to be here, to learn not only technical stuff pertaining to my job, but also to learn about all these interesting people, learning new languages, and just being able to hang out! I know after these three months are over, I will have a handful of life long friends (and some new places to stay overseas.. tehe).

Yesterday, I actually got to personally meet the man, Tim, who helped me get this global position. I didn't realize that his office was here in Mississippi... but I am so glad that it is! He is such a character and exactly the type of person I like! He has a plastic reindeer toy that pooped out candy and had some funny vulgar Christmas cards on his desk. He was loud and obnoxious like me and was honest and to the point, yet understanding. I am so glad God has put this man in my life. He went one hundred thousand percent to help me to obtain this position. I will be forever grateful and thankful to him for helping me out so much the way he did. I obtained my DREAM job because of this man, and all I could do was get him a damn coffee mug as a thank you. I hope to get him a better gift later on, like a hunting gun of some sort. But I am just so glad to be able to say "Thank you" in person! :) He gave me a huge hug and said to always remember the kindness he gave me, and to continue passing it along. I hope to do so the rest of not only my career, but also to continually be thankful and helpful to others in my personal life.

Moments like the ones I have been having with my group and people like Tim, makes me realized at how blessed I am by God. It makes me understand that with faith, positivity, and a lot of prayer, I can achieve anything. Everything is possible with Him, just as long as you have faith! The power of positivity and faith is so empowering!! I am going to really cherish the time we have here with my new friends and with the training program I am receiving. :)

This weekend, we are planning a weekend trip to Pensacola, Florida! I also found out that I will be headed to Stravanger, Norway in April! Yay! I will be sad to be saying goodbye to this group in three months, but I am excited to make new adventures overseas! Oh shit! It's 10:22PM, WAY past my bedtime! Grandma status! Goodnight!

(Oh yeah! It snowed one day here in Mississippi, and it was magical :D )

Weekend getaway to Pensacola, Florida

Weekend getaway to Pensacola, Florida

Say Hello to my New Home!

Say Hello to my New Home!