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Second Assignment: Lafayette!!!

Second Assignment: Lafayette!!!

I am so grateful that I was able to spend my holidays at home, but as soon as Christmas was over (literally the day after Christmas), I boarded a plane to Lafayette, LA to my next work assignment! I don't know anyone in Lafayette, but I was keeping an open mind and a bit excited as to who I will met and especially excited for the foods I will be eating (since I LOVE Cajun/Creole food). Everyone at the Lafayette office were very nice and treated me like a lady :) . The engineers as well as the tool hands have been extremely helpful in my learning. Before I got there, my boss gave me a long list of objectives to learn within one week, so I was a bit intimidated. But with the help I received from everyone at this office, I was able to accomplish all the objectives + more! I even got free lunches throughout the time I was there ;) tehe.

This assignment was a lot different from my experience in Brunei in that it was so short of time and there were not many engineers in this office to hang out with (since everyone was married, has kids, etc.).

Although I know you guys think my life is awesome all the time traveling the world, sometimes traveling by myself really does get lonely. I believe eating is a social activity so I never ate out by myself... but who can pass up the amazing Cajun food here ?! I forced myself to get past eating alone at a restaurant by myself so that I could enjoy the delicious foods Lafayette has to offer. Almost every dinner I had in Lafayette was by myself. At first I felt like a loser, but I started to get used to eating alone. It's honestly my own perception of eating by myself that makes me feel like a loser, so I forced myself to change my mindset. After a few times eating by myself it wasn't that bad! I would bring a book, or surf the web while eating (same thing I would be doing if I was eating take out in my hotel room).

While out in Lafayette, I drove 3 hours to Houston twice (once for the weekend and another time for NYE). I saw some UT friends that I have not seen since I've graduated college. They all had boyfriends now! So crazy how everyone is now a couple, has gotten engaged, married or have a baby.... But all the couples kept asking me, "What about you Sophia? You have a boyfriend?" NOPE. FOREVER ALONE :cry: so sad... But with my position now, it's so hard for me to meet anyone while I am traveling so much... All the guys that have any interest in me are creepers or insensitive jerks... It is a bit lonely because I have no one to talk to in situations like this work assignment or when I am with friends I am usually the 7th or like 13th wheel when hanging out.

Am I a creeper? Or an insensitive jerk? Why do I keep attracting these of guys, damnit!!!!!!!! Why can't I just find a decent motivated guy who just really likes me a lot and tries hard to keep in contact? Communication has always been important to me in relationships, whether it is with a boyfriend or with a friend. But since I will for sure be in a long distance relationship, most likely for the rest of my life, communication is the biggest way to have some sort of connection with another person. Within any relationship, both people must compromise and want to meet halfway...

It is frustrating and sometimes sad on my part, but I know that God has a plan. He will find that pin in that haystack guy specifically made for me and with that thought, I can continue enjoying the present and not worry too much about the future. I know there has to be a guy out there who is on the same "wavelength and phase" of weirdness as me, motivated and successful at his job, open minded/positive, someone who will meet me halfway and compromise, and most importantly really loves me for "me"! haha  I have been independent my whole life, taking care of myself, so I just want that ONE person that I can always depend on.

Anyway, I have enjoyed Lafayette a lot (especially the food!!! YUM!!!) NOM NOM NOM NOMMMM These are the places I ate at, and what I ate at each place. I will star (*) the ones I think were REALLY delicious! om nom nom nommmmm ... :-P

  1. *Riverside Inn Cafe: Seafood Gumbo, Chicken & Andouille Sausage gumbo, Crawfish Etouffee, sweet potato beignet cakes
  2. Chevron Gas Station - Homemade cajun food, pot roast with jambalaya
  3. Random Place (forget what this place was called) - chicken & andouille sausage gumbo
  4. Blue Dog Cafe - Chicken stuffed with seafood, homemade andouille sausage dirty rice, veggies, corn maque choux
  5. *Acadiana Po Boys - shrimp po boy
  6. Olde Tyme Grocery - shrimp po boy with crawfish creole potato chips
  7. *Steve & Pat's Bon Temp - crawfish pot pie (SO GOOD)...
  8. Dwight's - Dwight's special po boy, crawfish poboy with crawfish etouffee on top with Dwight's green tabasco hot sauce
  9. *Prejean's - Chicken & Andouille sausage gumbo, Cajun blackened chicken on top of pasta with lobster sauce with crawfish and crab chunks
  10. LT Seafood - BLT sandwich with grilled shrimp, bacon, and jalapeno jack cheese with sweet potato fries.

Seriously the best Cajun food I have ever had in my life.. But I think I ate a lifetime supply of crawfish just in one week... I am pretty sure if I lived in Lafayette I would be like 200 pounds from eating all this bad food... oops! :)

Next Assignment: Shubuta, Mississippi !!!

Next Assignment: Shubuta, Mississippi !!!

Cheers to a New Year in Houston!!