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Cheers to a New Year in Houston!!

Every year, I spend New Years Eve with the same group of friends because it is a very close friend's birthday on the first and every year it is a blast! But due to my work schedule, I had to spend new years with different people at a different place... Instead of staying in Lafayette for NYE, I drove about 3 hours to Houston to spend the last day of 2012 with college friends. It ended up that we would go my friend's friend's boyfriend's friends party in a hotel with all these Indian people... I was a bit hesitant but just tried to keep an open mind about meeting new people for the new year!

Ping, Lisa, and I (plus boyfriends and other guys) ate Chinese take out and played Taboo while drinking mimosas. At around 11 we decided to head over to the hotel and at first the party was pretty chill. I am very shy at first when meeting people, but I decided to just go out there, introduce myself, and be friendly! I honestly had a blast out there... I met some new people, celebrating the new year with my HAPPY NEW YEARS headband and 2013 sunglasses, blowing my horn as obnoxiously loud as I can.

I can confidently say that we ended 2012 on an good note filled with laughter and happiness :) and started the new 2013 year the same way. Ping, Dwo, and I spent the first day of the year eating a delicious breakfast at Lola's and shopping around the Galleria while drinking milk tea :) yum! Also, on the way home, I stopped by Lake Charles and met up with an old friend, Ricky, and ate a giant pizza together hahah. He's my only friend in Louisiana! But it was so nice to catch up and see him again.

Although I could not spend new years with my beloved friends back at home in Dallas, it was  refreshing to be spending this new year with new friends. It was a different experience, and hopefully this will foreshadow the following year... a new year, new friends, new experiences!

The past two years have truly been the craziest and best years of my life... I traveled all over the U.S., all over Europe, throughout Asia, throughout Mexico, I met some of the best people of my life, obtained my dream job, amazing family, supportive friends, and I really have everything I could possibly want... I could not ask for more... I know there will be more adventures and travels to different parts of the world in 2013 and I cannot WAIT until that all comes around :).

I am so thankful for all the things God has blessed me with... I cannot express how grateful I am to Him and for all that he has given me in my lifetime... I truly hope that as a life goal, and not just as 2013's New Year's resolution, that I will be continually grateful, thankful, and happier as every day passes in my life. Thank you Lord for another great year!

Happy and safe New Years everyone! I hope all of you guys will be continually blessed as well!

Cheers to 2013! :)

Second Assignment: Lafayette!!!

Second Assignment: Lafayette!!!

A Magical White Christmas in Dallas

A Magical White Christmas in Dallas