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Today was supposedly the last day of the earth based on the Mayan calendar, and in the middle of the night, there was a HUGE storm out at sea... The outside deck is right above our rooms on the ship, so during the storm, we could hear chairs and furniture sliding back and forth along the deck because the boat rocked so badly. It was really frightening, but we survived the Mayan End of the earth!!! Woot! Though, last night was probably one of the scariest nights I've slept through... We started off Friday a bit late (we let ourselves sleep in), so we barely made it for the lunch buffet... I was hungry, but I felt really really sea sick because the boat kept rocking back and forth. I thought my stomach was strong enough to last all the movement, but I had to take a seasickness pill (thank you Jackie!).

In order to get our minds off the rocking and our seasickness, we played Yousiv (don't know the real spelling for this card game?) to distract us. Basically, a punishment is given to the person who reaches the point mark first. I am pretty proud of all the creative punishments I made, they were not TOO embarrassing, but definitely funny and memorable.


1) We found a paper football on the table we were sitting at inside the Library area. So the loser must put his/her chin on the end of the table and cover their eyes with two fingers, while everyone who did not lose gets to flick the football right at their face. This punishment, me and Hanhwa had to do haha.

2) Loser must ride the glass elevator facing into the lobby area (floor 3) and do a weird wavy hand dance + donky kong angry fists dance with no facial expression up to level 8. If someone stops the elevator the loser is on, loser cannot stop dancing nor say anything to them. Joseph had the honors to do this one. I made this punishment so that it wouldn't be TOO embarrassing because who looks at the glass elevators while they're in the atrium? Probably not many eople! But to Joseph's luck, we finished the game right as there were Christmas Carols in front of the elevators. So the big open atrium from floors 3-8 had glass balconies facing the glass elevator and there were hundreds of people watching the carolers. All those people watching the Christmas carols saw Joseph doing his weird arm dance in the elevator hahaha. Some lady on our floor watching carols saw him and said "WHAT IS THAT GUY DOING?!?!" It was hilarious. I think I almost peed my pants I laughed so hard.

3) Loser must do a sexy/seductive dance with his/her body pressed up along the walls in the cabin hallways. Loser must be seductive the whole time. Huyen lost this one and had to act sexy... it was hilarious! hahahaha

4) Loser must go to the top balcony within the large open atrium (from floors 3-8) and scream on the top of their lungs, "FIGARO FIGAROO FIGGAAARROOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Peter had the luck to do this one. He at first was like "I'm not embarrassed," but when it came to it, he was SO embarrassed and didn't do it full out like he was supposed to... it's okay though because I laughed my ass off haha.

We basically used this game to help us survive sea sickness. We tried to attend afternoon tea time at the Paris dining hall, but it was SO rocky on that side of the boat, it actually made us more sick. It seemed as if I was drunk walking around the boat because you would constantly lose your balance while walking and then you also feel dizzy.

So all we did our last day was play Yousiv and eat haha. Our final dinner was actually very tasty! I had a 6 course meal (oops!). There was a congo line in the middle of dinner, so of course we had to participate on that... After our delectable dinner, we headed to the Adult Comedy show. The comedian was hilarious, I really liked him! He basically offended everyone in the room... but in a good way? haha

Instead of going all out on our last night, we were so exhausted and instead went to sleep after our final game of Yousiv. We cool and such party animals too! hahaha

The next morning was unboarding the ship so we all needed to get out of our rooms by 8AM. We had one last buffet breakfast (with an ice cream cone of course)... and once they called our numbers, we went down to exit the ship. I was really surprised at how organized this process was. We said our final goodbyes to everything (for me it was literally  goodbyes to EVERYTHING... "goodbye room, goodbye ice cream machine where I ate so many delicious ice creams, goodbye cruise bus transfer where our luggage was carried, goodbye Galveston port we had a fun time, etc.)

Afterwards, we decided to go eat Korean tofu soup (soondooboo) in China town. It was actually really good! Me and Hanhwa headed back to Dallas... I was SO tired I passed out the whole time haha. (Sowwie Hanhwa!)

But overall, this cruise has been really fun because of the people I was with and the adventures we got to do in Progresso and Cozumel. I honestly cannot say that I LOVE cruises or that I will be doing another one soon, but this was a good first time cruise ship experience! I'm pretty sure that I gained like 10 pounds though... Oops!

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