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Cruise Vacation: Carnival Triumph to Mexico! Day 4 Cozumel

Cruise Vacation: Carnival Triumph to Mexico! Day 4 Cozumel

This morning started off at about 9AM when the boat docked onto the port of Cozumel, Mexico! The port had a cute little shopping area with some touristy shops and restaurants. The beaches and water here was very clear and blue, unlike the waters in Progresso. We booked a clear kayak/snorkeling excursion, so we met our tour guide and was sent on a taxi van to go to Chankanaab National Park! When we arrived at the park, it reminded me of Xel Ha, a national park in Cancun, where me and Hanhwa snorkeled, walked along trails, cliff jumped, etc. This park was a similar concept. Initially, it was a bit cloudy out, so the water wasn't as sparkling blue as I expected and I was a bit disappointed... but as the sun came up, the water glowed a beautiful turquoise.

Our tour guide gave us instructions on how to put on our snorkel gear and how to snorkel (for the noobs! hehe :-P ). We headed out onto the water, and the water was sooo clear. There was an abundant amount of various types of fishes and coral reef. The snorkeling was actually really nice and one of the better places I snorkeled at (VERY comparable to Kota Kinabalu... but not quite... haha). The tour guide was very knowledgable and was showing us all the different types of fishes, finding all the little crevices where sting rays were hiding, showing us where little sea horses were holding onto seaweed with their litto itty bitty tails, etc. It was really fun and interesting to look at all the marine life. I always think its intriguing to look at the world under water, which is why I love to snorkel! I hope whenever I head out to Australia, I could get my scuba license to go deeper and explore more of the unknown waters!!

After snorkeling, we headed out into the deep Caribbean Sea in our clear kayaks. Unfortunately, the kayaks were a bit scratched up, so it was harder than expected to see the coral/marine life, but the exercise, beautiful blue skies, and just being out in the abundant blue waters was still very fun.

After all our water sports, we decided to spend the last 1-1.5 hour at the park eating at the local Mexican restaurant. It was SO good and exactly what I have been craving for all week (why is there no Mexican food on the cruise?!). The girls all got tropical drinks out of coconuts and pineapples (these were very delicious and strong!). Again, we are suckers for these ridiculous cups haha. It was so nice to be sitting under a grass umbrella eating delicious Mexican food, drinking out of a coconut, with good people, and the sparkling glowing water as our backdrop. I honestly wanted to stay longer just to lounge more on the beach, but with the time restraints, we had to get back.

Our wristband we received from the excursion gave us free drinks and freebies at many places in the park as well as the shops at the port, so the last hour we had back at the port, we went on a search for all our freebies, while finding souvenirs for our friends/family. We all came back with so much stuff... We all got suckered into buying those 7 for blah blah$ or buy one get one free deals...

Back on our cruise ship, we decided to go eat... AGAIN. I have learned that on a cruise, you will constantly be eating, even if you are not hungry and if you don't even want to eat... somehow you will gravitate to the buffet and start to eat everything!! What self control?

One of the cruise ship events was "M-tasting" at the California "Corner." All the girls participated in the "M-Tasting" while speaking with our waiter about his life in Serbia and how life is like on a cruise ship... Finishing all the drinks was a struggle, yet very fun for us girls hahaha. I'm sure we were a bit crazy and people thought we were weird (yet amusing!).... tehe. :-P

After M-tasting... we.. of course went to go eat.. AGAIN haha. Tonight's dinner was very good, almost as good as our formal night dinner. I had two appetizers, three entrees, and one dessert... haha The first night I ordered a 5-6 course meal, I was embarrassed that I was such a fatty, but by tonight, I didn't even care! So what if I eat a 5-6 course meal?! haha

Post dinner, we tried to make it to the comedy show, but barely made it for the last few minutes. We instead happened to come in right before the burlesque show. It wasn't as "dirty" as I thought it was going to be, but it was really entertaining and fun to watch. The magician/host of the show was an Dutch cutie ;) and he was really funny!

We decided to go to the "club" afterwards and boy was the club bumpin' tonight! haha there were a ton of people on the dance floor (not like Monday night where there was only 2 teenager girls doing turnpikes). I, of course, busted out all my mind blowing dance moves, like the squeaky robot arm, seaweed floating in the water arm dance, "the wave," kayaking dance, "crumping" dance, my version of the Michael Jackson "slide" dance. Yeah, you know... just the normal awesome dancing I do tehe :-D ... I got pretty crunk with all the black people dancing out on the dance floor. There was also this white dude who danced so weird and was SO sweaty (his whole back shirt was wet with sweat) from his intense dancing. He was really funny, and I wanted to dance battle him, but didn't have enough courage to do so, since he would've blown my robot arm dance out of the water.... :(

We ended the night at the damn pizza bar again (of course)... Why do we always end up there? I really don't know why!

Anyway, I am nice, full, and exhausted from today's adventure and all my dancing. Tonight is supposed to be the "last night of the world".... so we shall see if I survive tomorrow. I am a bit frightened after watching Life of Pi and I hope I do not die in my sleep or the ship sinking while I am sleeping (just like how it happened in the movie).... hahah Stay alive everyone! Good night!

Cruise Shenanigans

Cruise Shenanigans

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