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Cruise Vacation: Carnival Triumph to Mexico! Day 1 & 2

Cruise Vacation: Carnival Triumph to Mexico! Day 1 & 2

Before I got this new global position, I had a cruise planned with 5 friends from Dallas. We planned to go on the 5 night Carnival Triumph Cruise to the Western Caribbean stopping in Progresso and in Cozumel. We bought two excursions in both cities, so it was a pretty packed 5 night vacation. With this new position, my boss worked around my schedule and flew me back literally right before my cruise. I flew in on Saturday night at 7PM and so I had that night and all Sunday to unpack, clean, and pack again for my cruise. I was so exhausted and jet lagged... I successfully forced myself to stay up on the airplane when it was my awake time in the U.S., but for some reason when I got home, I couldn't fall asleep until 5AM. The next day I was running around doing errands and packing... I didn't sleep until about 1AM, woke up at 3:45AM, drove to Hanhwa's, we together drove down to Houston to pick up everyone, and then off to Galveston. I was exhausted, tired, and just ridiculously jetlagged. But I survived!

This was my first time on a cruise and it was quite a different experience. Last night and today were both "fun days at sea," where we were mostly on the boat traveling to our destination. I thought I would get seasick, but it really wasn't that bad!!

We started our first night with two bottles of Champagne!!! yum! We got to dinner but since we were cruise noobs, we didn't know that we could order more than one of everything... So yesterday, we only ordered one appetizer, one entre, and one dessert. Dinner on Monday was just "aittee." As a group, we decided we'd go all out as our first night on the cruise, but slowly, me and Hanhwa both fell asleep. Apparently the rest of the group banged on our door to wake us up, but nothing... haha me and Hanhwa were knocked the fuck out. I woke up at around 1AM, woke up Hanhwa, and convinced her to go out with me to find the rest of our group.

We found Joseph gambling, so me and Hanhwa joined him in the Black Jack table... and man were we hooked!!! We sucked SO bad and were so indecisive on what to do, so we played Rock Paper Scissors to figure out whether or not to hit or stay at any cards that totaled 14-18. I'm sure everyone at the table thought we were weird, but they were at least amused at how STOOPIT me and Hanhwa were acting haha. Afterwards, we decided to go see what was going on at the "club" that is on board. We had a fun time dancing.. and watching the 5 teenagers in the whole club turnpiking and slutty dancing. We, of course, joined in the turnpiking with the teenagers hahahaha. We drank some and acted a fool out there... Even though everyone else fell asleep, Hanhwa, Joseph, and I did it big our first night out on the ship! haha

I don't know why, but we keep finding ourselves at the 24-hour pizza bar... Monday night, we destroyed that pizza bar. And of course took romantic Titanic photos along the end of the ship haha we are gay.

Today, was a full "fun day at sea" so we decided to try do whatever we could on the list of shit to do on the cruise. We started off with a Buffet Breakfast with an ice cream cone (why was this ice cream so addicting?!), played some basketball free throw game, then played a game of mini golf in the beautiful weather (playing for drinks, of course).

Tonight was a formal night, so we all rested a bit and got ready for dinner. We took some prom photos with the staircase along the main atrium area on the cruise ship. Dinner tonight was SO good. We learned that you could order more than one of everything on the menu, so all of us ordered two appetizers, two entrees, and two desserts... don't judge me (or any of us)! haha

The cruise ship has these daily drink cup/souvenirs and damn we were suckers to those... Today we bought the Disco ball... but I know this is just a start of all of our cups haha. I think me and Hanhwa are addicted to these cups and I have a feeling we will be buying one everyday haha.

We decided to go to the piano sing-along bar since the man yesterday was really good. I went up and sang with him for one song, but he insisted on me to continue singing with him (since it was Piano-oke time)... So I just sang popular songs with him with my manly scratched up voice from being sick (probably from lack of sleep due to jet lag + crazies from night before). We took some Titanic photos out on the deck again while we were all foncy (pronounced "fancy" but with a fancy accent). Afterwards, we decided to try out the night club again, and it was actually pretty bumpin'!!! Joseph wouldn't turnpike for us though.. shame.

Everyone went in early, but me and Hanhwa decided to stay for some drinks. At about 2AM, we somehow found ourselves eating at the damn 24 hour pizza bar again.. WHY?! hahaha We are just gravitated to this pizza.. It's not even good pizza... yet we still eat... and at ridiculous times during the night time.

Anyway, I am stuffed and we have a long day tomorrow! First excursion! Finally! I am excited to get off this damn boat haha.

Cruise Vacation: Carnival Triumph to Mexico! DAY 3 Progresso

Cruise Vacation: Carnival Triumph to Mexico! DAY 3 Progresso

That's dat shit I don't like

That's dat shit I don't like