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Island Hopping pt 2 - Palau Sapi and 1Borneo

Island Hopping pt 2 - Palau Sapi and 1Borneo

At about noon, we headed back to the ferry dock in Manukan and got onto the speed boat for Sapi Island! I heard that this island was more secluded and had more peaceful waters, so I was really hoping it was so. Fingers crossed! When I got off the speed boat, I really was speechless at how beautiful the waters were. The beaches here were crystal clear, glowing turquoise. These are my favorite type of beaches, so my tongue was hanging out & I was drooling like a dog at how pretty the scenery was!

We settled into a little spot by these tree roots under the shade. While Dean relaxed on the sand, me and Amin went into the water to go snorkel! The water was super shallow and was very calm to swim through. The water was clear as glass and the coral/marine life was awesome! This beach was the best beach I have ever snorkeled in. There were tons of colorful and varied kinds of fish and coral. I honestly don't know how Amin swam and snorkeled without a life jacket because the water was so shallow. There  were many places where I felt SO close to the coral that I was going to destroy it. There was a spot with huge sea urchins where the water was so shallow that I felt like I was going to touch them and die, so I freaked out and swam backwards to keep away from them.

This cute little Finding Nemo orange fishy was very curious and would come up and swim to me. Usually I think fish are ugly, but this fish was so stinkin' cute! I wanted to take him home with me. Amin was so mean and would try to catch all the fish and would stand on the little fishes' homes when he put his food down on the coral to rest. BAD FROGGY AMIN!! :(

After our nice swim, we got these HUGE coconuts with fresh coconut water for only 8RM (or about 2.50USD)... It was so nice to just lay in the sand, drinking ice cold coconut water out of a giant coconut, and watching the turquoise waves come and go along the beach. It was also nice to see boner man walk right past me hahaha. Since I was sitting, his boner was eye level to me... seriously though, this man was wearing a speedo with a major boner. When he walked by, me, Dean, and Amin all look at each other like :shock: :shock: :shock: . hahahah I will never forget boner man... I wish I took a photo to share with you guys, but I think I would've looked more creeper than I already was.

We tried to take group photo jumping photos, but everyone sucked and could not coordinate the right timing for the jumps, so we all gave up! haha After failed attempts at jumping photos, we decided to head back early (on the 3PM boat, instead of the last 4:15PM boat) because we were really exhausted. We almost weren't allowed to get onto the boat back to KK because our ticket said 4:15PM, but luckily we did... What we didn't know was that a crazy storm was coming for us.

About 5 minutes away from the KK harbor, it started to thunderstorm monsoon style. The boat driver was driving so fast that the raindrops were stinging my skin every time it hit me. He was probably thinking "IDGAF, GETTING ONTO HABOR NAOZ!!" because the storm was really scary and he was driving like a mad man over the bumpy waters. By the time we got off the boat, it was raining cats and dogs out. We were SO lucky to have made it back onto land, or else we would've been stranded on the islands all night since it rained the rest of the night.

We took a taxi back to the hotel and freshened up (showered and what not). Apparently I was embarassing Dean and Amin because I was waddling while walking and it looked like there was stuff up my ass (there was! there was a shit ton of sand up my ass)....

We made it back to the hotel for afternoon tea so we went down to the atrium area to have tea/coffee with high tea sets. I was famished so I ate mostly everything on my set. It was so good! My favorite were the sandwiches & the green tea roll cake. NOM NOM NOmom nommm. We were sitting on these comfy couches, drinking tea, listening to the rain hit the wall of glass windows, and surrounded by Christmas lights. It really reminded me of Christmas! :)

Afterwards, we decided to go to 1Borneo... this HUGE shopping mall (I think this mall is bigger than the Houston and Dallas Galleria Mall). It was so damn far because of all the traffic going there and because of the rain, but we finally made it! My goal for shopping was to find 1)something cute to wear 2)gifts for friends back home 3)postcards of the islands I went to since I'm starting a post card collection.  I walked around the whole mall and could not find anything to buy!! Not even souvenirs. The malls here, though, have really ugly stuff... the clothes here are super fobby and very expensive (like 150-200 RM). I ain't paying that much for ugly fobby clothes! NUH UH! haha But this mall had all these cutesy stuff to buy like little cartoon plush dolls, stationary, gift wrapping, cards, etc. It made me wish I was like 12 again, so that I could buy all the cutesy paper and stationary for super cheap, but I contained my little 12 year old inside and only bought like 2 stationary sets.

I really don't understand why they had so many orangutan postcards.. I was so annoyed and was like WTF IS UP WITH THESE ORANGUTAN POSTCARDS?! Every card store or souvenir store only had these... I was so frustrated that I gave up finding post cards from 1Borneo... I gave up looking, in general, because of the amount of ugly shit they had there haha. Sadly, my list of stuff to buy, did not happen.. I was hoping for a better shopping day tomorrow.

After shopping, we headed back out to the hotel through the rain to get ready for a really nice seafood dinner...

And that... is to be continued! haha

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Island Hopping pt 1 - Palau Manukan

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