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On the Quest to find Sriracha Rooster Sauce

On the Quest to find Sriracha Rooster Sauce

Ever since my first day into Brunei, I have been trying to find good ol' rooster Sriracha sauce, that delicious thai chili sauce that is tangy, spicy, salty, and good on everything! The first day I came to Brunei, I stopped by the Soon Lee Grocery store (kinda like the "Walmart" here) to get groceries, sriracha sauce included, but was in such a rush and also in culture shock to really know what was going on. I have never been to a super market like Soon Lee before (a REAL Asian supermarket), but they had a huge aisle of hot/chili sauces. I was overwhelmed and just bought the first one I could find. When I finally got to try it, the chili sauce was not that great! It was weird, watery (not creamy), and sweet. I hate spicy and sweet together! Goh, my housemate, told me that I got the wrong one and that the next time we go grocery shopping, he'll show me the good one. So whenever we went to Soon Lee again, we walked back to that long aisle of chili sauce after chili sauce. But again, not good!!!

Whenever I go to a restaurant, I ALWAYS try the chili sauce that is on the table. Even if it is just a drop on my chopstick, I always try it to see if it matches the taste of delicious Rooster sauce. During one of our late night snack sessions, I saw a chili bottle that said "SOS chili" and I asked everyone "What is S.O.S. Chili?" (Like Save Our Ship...) and they all looked at me, confused and said, "Sauce..?"...... haha I felt so dumb. Apparently in Malay, the word "sauce" is actually spelled "sos." Wow. I'm stoopit.

But so far I have tried, Suree Thai Sriracha Chilli Sauce, Real Thai Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce, Lee Kum Kee Chili Garlic sauce, Maggi SOS Chilli sauce, and ABC Sambal Extra Hot chili sauce.... all... NOT GOOD. UGH! So I've been on the lookout for Rooster Chilli sauce and I won't stop buying these bottles of chili sauce until I find it! Goh will have have a life time supply of chili sauce after I leave... haha

Anyway, this post was pretty random, but I needed to vent about not having Sriracha! I need it (just like how I need kimchee...)!!!! Food just doesn't taste the same without it! When I went to London, Steben brought a bottle of Sriracha sauce with him in his checked luggage and I was like, "are you serious?! Out of all things you could bring to London, why would you bring Sriracha hot sauce?" haha But now I understand and I apologize for judging you Stephen.

For future overseas travels, note to self: BRING SRIRACHA !!!

Although Sriracha on all these dishes would be really awesome, all my cheap lunch eats with my awesome coworkers is always a good time! :) I love lunch break!

  • Proctor Restuarant - Beef noodle soup and milk tea: $5.70
  • Lucky Dim Sum - $16 for two people
  • Ayam Penyet and ABC shaved ice: Free from Kenny :)
  • Side street cafe in KB - Ayam Penyet and milke tea - $4.10
  • Watermelon Juice and Chicken soup noodles: $3.90
  • Soi Heng - Pork dumplings, Kolo mee thick noodles with chicken, cold 100 Plus drink - $4.20
  • Lady's van outside work -breakfast noodles: $1.00
  • Zuki Cafe - Honey Lemon tea, Indian pancake, Chicken Laksa: $3.90
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On the bumpy road to Kota Kinabalu...

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