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The Rig Life

The past two days I've been working a 12 hour shift out on the rig. It's so funny, because the people who are out on the rig doing the manual labor, they are exactly like the country red necks from the U.S., but instead they are like country village little Asian men that are probably like 1/3 of the size of the guys in the US. There are little asian grandpa's too that are so cute haha. The guys I've been working are really nice and we talk shit with each other, so it's really fun out there. Sometimes I have no idea what the hell they are saying because they have really strong accents, so I just laugh haha. The rig was actually a bit intimidating and scary at first since it's so big and so many things going on at the same time. But I got used to the environment and just tried to keep out of the way, while observing on what's going on. I learned a lot out there the past two days and boy was it hot. It was about 90 degrees from like 10AM - 5PM at about 95% humidity... But I was sitting in the driller's cabin in the A/C blasting in my face while observing from behind the window (tehehe), so I can't really complain.

The conditions out here are so much nicer than it is on the frac pads I worked on back in the U.S. There is food catered here four times a day with snacks and ice cream available all day and they have these three cute sweet rig dogs that I get to play with throughout the day (they make me happy and sad because they remind me of Bruce :( )

The toilets here are terrifying though... like worse than the toilets in Labi, in the country side. They are made inside of a giant crate, but there's like moldy water dripping along the walls, the tiles are so old looking, and a creeky giant "stall" door with a bended 1" metal wire... it reminds me of like a horror scene movie in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

I've learned that no matter where you are in the world within the oil/gas industry, there will be a shit ton of sitting around and doing nothing. I thought it was only where I was where I get paid to sit and do nothing, but I am doing the same here! I took an afternoon nap both days I was out on the rig. It was quite nice after my free lunch!

The land rig I was on was really awesome because it was right off the beach, so you would be working, sweating, in the extremely hot weather and then WOOSH... breath of fresh air from the nice cool breeze. Also the sound of the waves is so relaxing! I hate sand flies though... UGH. HATE SAND FLIES.

But other than the scary toilets & sand flies, after 24 hours, I was able to eat eight meals for free, take two afternoon naps, meet some funny/crazy  new people, and learn a lot both days! It's really exhausting, but really fun for me to continually be learning. I am actually getting the basis on all how everything works, what the purpose of each thing is for, and even coming up with some good ideas on how to make  the process more efficient.

Anyway, I am nasty, sweaty, dirty and sunburnt, so off to a shower and sleep!

My first REAL durian experience... the King of Fruit

My first REAL durian experience... the King of Fruit

First Thanksgiving overseas

First Thanksgiving overseas