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Time Travel

Right now I am in the middle of flying between five cities, going around more than half the globe within two days... 32 hours to be exact. My flight left DFW Dallas Tuesday Morning at about 10AM, flew into  IAH Houston around 11AM, 5 hour layover, got onto the 4PM flight from IAH to DME Moscow (about a 10 hour flight), 3 hour layover in Moscow, and then flew on the 8PM flight from Moscow to SIN Singapore (about another 9-10 hour flight). Honestly, I don't even remember what time was what, when was when, or what day it was because I was traveling through so many time zones, moving forward in time, while traveling further and further away from home. Luckily though, Halliburton has issued a flight through Singapore Airlines.. and let me tell you, this airline is DA shit. It seriously blew my expectations out of the water. My experience with them is by far the best I have had (and trust me, I have had my fair share of flights and different airlines). Not only did I have all the latest movies and music right infront of me, I had all three seats to myself from Houston to Moscow, and the food was consistently really delicious. When I first received my menu on the flight (yes, they had a fancy menu), I saw "Beef and veggies" so I thought "Oh no...... it's 'Beef'... with who knows what 'meat' shaped into a steak patty," but when I pulled back the foil on my first entree, it was a REAL steak.... A REAL STEAK! I was like "WOW... A STEAK.. I CANT BELIEVE IT!!! NOM NOM NOM" But after my flights with Singapore Airlines, I'm pretty sure I gained about 5 pounds within the past two days. So lesson for you all, when flying in Asia, SINGAPORE AIRLINES, but exercise beforehand.

Changi Singapore Airport

Changi Singapore Airport