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I wanted to start this blog to really document my experiences as I start a new chapter of my life. The previous job I had with Halliburton was not the job I wanted or had any motivation for, but was a job that paid for my expensive hobbies (like shopping & traveling). I felt lost and as if I had no purpose at my job... so dispensable to this big company. All I did at work was sit and day dream of being at exotic places, hole in the wall places, and just anywhere but the oil rig I was monitoring. My passion was and is traveling, experiencing new cultures and foods, and meeting people from around the world. But the position I had previously... was not it. Although I was able to travel often for vacation, it was just a tease... Always leaving me wanting more and dreading the day I get back to work. But after a lot of emails, phone calls, bad news, good news, packing, unpacking, moving, support from my colleagues and family, and A LOT of prayer, I have obtained the position of my dreams... a traveling overseas engineering position!!! So, with that said, I am documenting my life while traveling and working. My first stop... Brunei, where the beaches are plenty and where a sultan rules the country! I'm still unsure on what the culture is like over there or how the people are there, but it is something very different from what I experience here in the U.S. and I'm really excited to start my position and to explore my new temporary home.

Leaving is always so bittersweet.. I'm excited to go experience new things, food, and a new environment, but torn when having to leave my loving family, my supportive friends, and of course... Brucie, my fat ugly but oh so cutie dog. I was blessed to have over a month off from work to spend real quality time with my friends and family. I appreciate and cherish all the memories I have shared within the past few weeks with everyone. I know I am not the most "Christian" person out there, but I know God exists because of the amazing family and friends I have in my life. I am consistently praying to just thank Him for the people in my life. Without them, I would not be who I am now.

Honestly, this blog is really for myself; to allow me to look back, to always remind me where I came from, how I started, how my journey progressed, and to always remind me to be thankful and faithful to God. I am nervous for my new position, but I know I will do well! Wish me luck!

Time Travel

Hanging out with Indians!... who would've thought?