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Hanging out with Indians!... who would've thought?

As you all know, I do not have many Indian friends. I'm not sure what really made it that way, but I always felt disconnected to Indian people, like we don't relate or cannot connect. But I met a really cool friend here, who is Indian by race, and I hang out with him quite a lot. Last night after work, I went to his family's hang out spot and hung out with a group of Indian guys, drinking a Tiger, and watching an Indian movie. I actually was pretty entertained by it, even though it was super cliche and cheesy. Actually, we were all quite into it, and couldn't get our eyes off the damn TV. I had a really good time though. I realized that I have been very closed minded to some people, and I understand now that I shouldn't because it will close you off to possible new friendships and other opportunities. So from today on, I am going to be more open minded and try not to be so quick to judge! I also tried the Chivas here, and it was quite tasty! I thoroughly enjoyed it, while eating peanuts, talking about random stuff, and watching this Hindi movie.

But seriously, who would have known?! I know my only close Indian friend, Steben, will be proud. :)